Canada Zenkuren Wado Karate Association

Who are we?

Welcome to Canada JKF Wado Kai (Canada Zenkuren Wado Karate Association; CZWKA), the official Canadian representative of JKF Wadokai headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Our members are located across Canada and we welcome all who wish to learn Wado karate from the best in the world!

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TSYR Study Group Vancouver

2019 has seen the beginning of a new chapter for Guseikai Vancouver with the establishment of the fledgling Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu (TSYR) study group Vancouver. Training is primarily focussed on battojutsu or use of the sword, both in defence and attack so it... read more

Recent News

Dan examination results – May 22, 2017 in Calgary, AB

We had the largest number of individuals challenging the dan exams in CZWKA’s history in Calgary, AB on May 22, 2017 and the highest pass rate ever. Listed below are those that were successful in achieving their Dan rank: Guseikai Calgary Cameron Mills, Yondan (4th... read more

Donation for Donnie Danner

CZWKA members sent $3000 USD (CAD$3900) to Donnie Danner. Big thank you to all members who kindly rallied to help. Barry and Nicole hosted a fund-raiser that netted the biggest club donation in our group. Well done! We wish the Danner family all the best for the... read more

CZWKA clubs donate to Donner Danner’s club

Big thank you to the CZWKA clubs for donating money to Donnie Danner’s club, which was destroyed by a fire started by lightening last week. In addition, if individuals want to help out, here is a donation link;... read more

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Throughout Canada

Wado has a long history in Japan and it has flourished all over the world. You can find clubs and instructors practicing Wado karate throughout Canada. Come discover the many benefits of Wado karate for all ages. Just click the link below to connect you to a Wado Kai club near you. Need to know more? Feel free to contact us here.

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